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Compliance Checklist – Police on the Safety of Children in University Programs

Before you begin direct contact with minors please complete the following steps to comply with the policy requirements:

1.   Register your program

2.   Complete training. For those who work, study, or volunteer at University of Chicago and participate in programs that include children may go directly to the Canvas website to complete the training. The training includes the required Acknowledgments and Conduct Guidelines for digital signature.

3.   Request background checks. Enter legal names and email addresses of people having direct contact with children. To order 10 or more background checks, please use the spreadsheet available on the Minors on Campus website.  An email from the third-party company that performs the background checks will be sent once training is completed and the request for background checks has been received. More information about the background checks may be found at minorsoncampus.uchicago.edu/background-checks.

Ensure that training, including digital signatures, and the request for background checks are completed at least two weeks before individuals have direct contact with children. This allows enough time for the third-party company to conduct the background checks.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact Kenyatta Tatum Futterman.

Thank you for helping to keep children safe.





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